Emotional Pain Chart

Mental Thought Patterns that Form Our Experience


Pain in these areas may have a probable cause of:

Information from Heal Your Body A-Z by Louise L. Hay

Ankles - inflexibility and guilt, ankles represent the ability to receive pleasure

Bunions - lack of joy in meeting experiences in life

Elbow - represents changing directions and accepting new experiences

Hips - Fear of going forward in major decisions, nothing to move forward to

Knees - stubborn pride and ego, inability to bend, fear, inflexibility, won't give in

Neck - refusing to see other sides of the question, stubbornness, inflexibility

Shoulders - represent our ability to carry our experiences in our life joyously, we make life a burden by our attitude

Spine - represents the support of life

  • Lower - fear of money, lack of financial support

  • Middle - guilt, stuck in all that stuff back there, “get off my back”

  • Upper - lack of emotional support, feeling unloved, holding back love
Wrist - represents movement and ease


emotional pain chart

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Other Connections:

Arthritis - feeling unloved, criticism, resentment

Bone Breaks/Fractures - rebelling against authority

Bursitis - repressed anger

Inflammation - fear, seeing red, inflamed thinking

Joints - represents changes in direction in life and the ease of these movements

Loss of Balance - scattered thinking, not centered

Sciatica - being hypocritical, fear of money and/or the future

Slipped Disc - feeling totally unsupported by Life, indecisive

Sprains - anger and resistance, not wanting to move in a certain direction in life

Stiffness - rigid, stiff thinking

Weakness - a need for mental rest




Client Testimonials

"Gina has a gift in helping individuals see that the power is within them when it comes to healing. She taps your power source via her power source and you begin to take control of chronic pain, which tries to control you. Western medicine has failed when it comes to chronic pain. We have been in this pain epidemic for quite some time and it is getting worse and not better. There is this mind-body connection, which is quite fascinating. Once you understand it, you have to do just one simple thing, MOVE. Gina has a great gift of making you responsible for eliminating pain instead of pills, shots and unnecessary surgery. She provides an alternative approach to this difficult, complex subject."

- Roslyn Ellison Blake, age 54